Love, loving, love.

In short

I am here to help heal humanity and anchor us in to new ways of relating to ourselves, each other, and our collective mother, Earth.  I am an energy healer, activator, and intuitive. I am trained in Reiki and find it to be a great tool for healing. I also work with other modalities  and tools depending on the situation. 


For those who'd like a little more....

I am a lover of so many things. Nature is my teacher and guide, and starry night skies remind me who I am. I love to grow food, and sit with the soil, also on that note love to smell the soil, too. In 2010, I came to realize how many synthetic toxins were in a lot of the products I used daily and began to transition over to using products that were in harmony with life.  In 2015 (give or take, I really didn't pay attention at the time) I transitioned to plant based eating and these days I'm eating more raw because I love how hydrating and nutritious it is. I'm a fan of working with the bodies messages and listening to our bodies versus any pressure from the outside. Eating and farming without chemicals is also very important to me and aligns to my desires to live and be in harmony with nature. I know our bodies are wise and have many messages for us, if we simply can learn and remember (again, because we used to know this) to listen.

Reflecting back, I have always held visions of the future in my being; deeply beautiful and loving visions of humanity. For most of my life I did not know what to make of these visions. My life has felt challenging in many ways but it was working through that that brought me back to my energetic wisdom and set me on the journey to remember who I am. Someone said that grief is love with nowhere to go - I really love that and relate to this statement.  I spent a lot of my life with loved turned in on itself- and it's been a journey to turn it back aground, shine it bright and live that love out loud. Indeed, life is beautifully orchestrated as I reflect on the breadcrumbs my soul left me along the way and continues to leave me - what a majestic journey. Ultimately I remember that I chose this lifetime, this incarnation, this specific  time in history to arrive on the planet - my soul has a mission and I'm here to serve the greater good - and that is such a blessing. 


I am deeply grateful to my all the master teachers who have absolutely been divine appointments in this incarnation and others past, and the many more to come. Much gratitude. I am finding my way back home, to myself and to source; indeed, to all of us - because we are all deeply interconnected. It's what we're all doing, really. It's so special to come home to each other. It is my joy to activate others into their own remembrance. What a gift.


I now settle into the visions of love I hold and I energize them into reality. These visions help activate those who I engage with into remembering who they are and why they are here. I am here in this lifetime to let love out, to love out loud, and to let my radiant spirit and curious nature shine - indeed we all are, we each have something unique to contribute. The world is fundamentally incomplete without all of us shining our innermost truth. There is a freedom in finding this truth, a freedom that your soul has been yearning for. A freedom that lets your soul dance and your heart sing. A freedom that was, and is, your soul’s intention.

My journey continues each and every day and I continue to dive deeper into my soul’s expansion. I know I have not yet arrived, nor would I actually want that - what is arrival? The thing is, we never truly arrive...but there are series of arrivals amid larger arrivals and in every instant of that arrival, bliss is felt, bliss upon bliss - the fractals of this universe play out in all ways. I continue to learn and grow and truly I am a lifelong student and seeker. I am continually refining my own practice, and learning to tap into my inner wisdom and truth. This is how I work with others, too, holding space for them to see and remember who they really are, and have always been. That knowing shines through our work together. I know this for you, deep within my knowing - I couldn't know it any more! The moment it clicks, you access your power and the rest is history.  We are incredibly powerful spiritual beings and we are here to co-create with spirit and bring about more beauty, more joy, more love, more harmony, more prosperity. We are here to live in love. We are here to remember that we are love.

If this resonates - send me a message and let's get co-creating :)

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Vanouver Fix-It Collective


- Everything comes together when we know who we are. When we remember who we are, we tap into our truth.

This truth transmutes. -

-Jocelynn Rodrigues- 




We honour and acknowledge the traditional and contemporary lands and waterways where this work takes place, of the Anishnaabe (Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation), the Haudenosaunee, the Wendat, Métis, and the home of many peoples recorded and unrecorded.  We acknowledge the Dish With One Spoon wampum belt covenant to care for this land. Land that we do not ever own, land that we borrow its use from future generations. 

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