We honour and acknowledge the traditional and contemporary lands and waterways where this work takes place, of the Anishnaabe (Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation), the Haudenosaunee, the Wendat, Métis, and the home of many peoples recorded and unrecorded.  We acknowledge the Dish With One Spoon wampum belt covenant to care for this land. Land that we do not ever own, land that we borrow its use from future generations. 

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Wholistic Offerings

Reiki Treatment
Wooden Furnitures
Cat and Dog

In Person Reiki

Reiki is done laying on a massage table, with clothes on. Hands are placed on or slightly above the body. The session will start with a brief check-in beforehand. Generally folks report feeling deeply relaxed, loved, and cared for. Reiki works on a deeper level than our conscious mind helping to cleanse the body so that it can continue doing what it knows best - healing. I look forward to walking alongside this journey with you.

Distance Reiki

Reiki is not impacted by time or space. Distance Reiki is a wonderful option for folks who may not live nearby or are unable to physically be present. Distance Reiki is also done for animal friends. For this offering we would figure out a time that works best and I would ask that you find a quiet place where you won't be disturbed, usually for one hour, and you can simply lay down, relax, and be open to receive.

Animal Reiki

Animals love Reiki and because they are highly sensitive to energies, they benefit greatly from Reiki. Whether your animal companion is experiencing a specific ailment or you want to give them an energetic bath, animals are happy to receive this calming and loving energy. As with humans, Reiki works on the physical as well as mental and emotional aspects and can be great for animals who are nervous or navigating a new environment, to name a few examples.  For optimum ease and comfort we utilize distance Reiki for animals, allowing them to hang out in the comfort of their own familiar space.

Mason Jars
Zero Waste Shop
Natural Ingredients

Clean Living Insights

Are you looking to switch over to a more natural lifestyle but are not really sure what steps to take? Do you wonder if your products are harming you but are overwhelmed at the idea of reading all the labels and figuring it all out? Whatever step of your journey you're on I am happy to help. I understand that often the products we use we form a relationship to , and that  each person is unique - the support you are given is equally unique and tailored to you. Ask me more!

Zero-Waste Support

Zero waste is a big buzz word these days but what does it actually mean and what can you do? Perhaps you would like to become more conscious about what you're buying or how you're buying it (for example does it come heavily packaged and is there another way?).  Perhaps you'd like to assess your waste output and lower it. Whatever step of the journey you're on I'm happy to offer support along the way.

Plant Based Transitions

Transitioning to a plant based diet can feel overwhelming - in short you're basically learning a new language. If you're looking for support on where to go to find all the new ingredients you're seeing in recipes or, perhaps where to even go to find recipes, I can help! Ask me more. These one-on-ones are tailored to your unique situation.

Modern Living Room
Rock Maze

Decluttering & Living In Flow

I have learned first hand how important de-cluttering can be for the psyche. The moment we get rid of what no longer serves us, both emotionally and physically, we open up space.  If you have been doing a lot of emotional and mental clearing work but are still feeling stuck, a key aspect may be your home environment. Reiki can also be done within the home to help purify and clear out stagnant energies.

Intuitive and Personalized Care Plan

 Not really sure where to begin but feeling like something has to change? Your body is wise and is always speaking to you but sometimes it's hard to discern what it is saying . I'm here to help bridge that gap of communication.  Let's chat and we'll figure out a plan that works best for you in this moment.