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From my heart, to yours.

Updated: Mar 25

I'm often writing when I'm navigating something intense in my life. Writing helps me process. Seeing my mind out on a page - just getting it out somewhere, it's necessary for me. A while back I wanted to clean out some of my work because it was feeling heavy and weighing me down energetically, tethering me to the past in a way that didn't feel good for my expansion (a really amazing decluttering process, by the way, that I may perhaps go into in another post).

The following are some messages and affirmations gleaned from this process, culled from the many journal entries written over time as my soul helped me uncover my truth. They are reminders of key lessons that helped (and still help) give me strength, support, and grounding. They are particularly helpful with boundary setting, stepping into your power, affirming your validity, and feeling feels. If you have had narcissists or narcissistic energy in your life you might also find them especially helpful. I hope you find some that resonate with you and can help support you in your own journey.

If you read some or all of these and think - wow that sounds nice but I have no idea how that would even work - I feel you because I've been there! Reach out, send me an email, we can figure out if we're meant to work together. I am here to help support folks in weaving in and embodying these ways of being into their lives in a way that works best for them. Deepest blessings to you, my love.

Your emotions are valid, you are allowed to take space for them, for you.

You are allowed to have boundaries and engage in only what makes you feel safe and good.

People who are healthy make space for you as you are; space to hear you, space to see you, space to know you - as you are. You are allowed to want that, and you are allowed to need that.

Your needs are valid.

You are allowed to speak when you want or need to, and sit in silence when you want or need to. You are not obligated to engage in conversations with others. You are not obligated to justify your needs.

Someone doing you a favour does not give them permission to be reckless with your emotions and your being. That is a strings attached favour and is not really a favour at all.

It is okay to take space. It is okay to need space.

When you get enough space from a particular dynamic, you are able to see it more clearly and discern for yourself what you need or how you want to proceed. Take space, take time, observe, tune into what your body is sharing with you.

It might not be yours to feel. Whatever is going on in your body and being, get curious. You might be feeling someones projection on to you, especially if you have learned to tune into those around you in order to keep safe.

If a sensation or feeling feels really out of control, it might not be about the person you think it is, it might be tied to childhood wounds, lineage energy, or even past lives. This is something to note and explore.

Be your own role model.

Give yourself permission - you do not need permission from anybody else. You are your own permission slip.

It's great to make space for others' emotions, but make sure you are also making the same amount of space, if not more, for your own emotions, dear one.

It is okay to let go of your past, you don't need it to prove yourself, you know yourself, you know the lessons it taught you - you embody the lessons in how you live your life. It is also okay to hold onto it, if you sense you need to. Do not let anyone rush you in your process. You know what you need. Trust in you.

Your feelings have always been giving you deep deep wisdom. Trust in that.

You are loved. Your existence is proof of that. You are worthy. You deserve love. Always. No matter what.

I forgive myself for not realizing until I realized. I forgive myself for putting myself in situations that were harmful because I didn't realize until I realized. Now that I know, we're not going back there. I got you.

I trust myself to listen to my feelings, if it doesn't feel safe, I'm not going to engage.

If I'm unsure, it's a no. At least for now while I figure out my own system.

I forgive myself for engaging with people who could not appreciate me, who could not see how amazing I am because I was not, at the time, able to see how truly amazing I was. I forgive myself, I did not know, I am learning.

It is safe. It is safe to not know. You have been in this place of not knowing before and you have always been on your way to reaching more connection, awareness, experiences, joy, love....trust.

The only person who needs to believe in you is YOU. The only person who needs to love what you're doing is YOU.

My feelings are my feelings - they are not up for debate.

My reality is not up for debate.

I will not meet people in fear and illusion.

I forgive myself for not speaking my truth earlier. I now speak my truth and I feel good about being true to myself.

Everyday I am discovering more and more about who I am. That is allowed and deeply necessary.

Photo By: Masaaki Komori

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