• Jocelynn Rodrigues

Your loving hues

My fingers, my feet stained purple with your loving hues my right hand, soil remains from yesterdays garden visit,

etched into the nail outline

I feel better when my body is stained with your love you are always teaching me, always. For many moments I am not listening I get caught up but you are still there,

loving and teaching and waiting for me to remember.

Patiently waiting for me to see you,

to feel your love that has always been there.

Your leaves keep me cool, and surround my balcony a protective hug I forgot I needed Your leaves cast shadows on my living room wall dancing with the setting sun, you are the original entertainer.

You bring and hold squirrels, birds, raccoons, and more in your arms and for that my cat seeks endless entertainment.

You teach me of abundance, of love, of giving, of amplification for when I share in your berries, more come, I remember back to last year, your berries were plentiful but this year,

it’s beyond my imagination You tell me that it’s because I have been present,

I have been loving,

I have gathered so much and given to you,

by my mere presence and ways of being in the world.

You remind me of all the offerings I’ve left for the squirrel and bird friends,

of all the love I’ve poured into your roots by being who I am.

I am honoured. Tears flow. You are love, pure love. You are love, manifest. I am so honoured to share this space with you.

You already know this but you were one of my favourite things when we came to see this place in 2018. I was beyond excited. I felt so much love, right away. How your arms reached up right to our balcony, how lovely, I thought, how beautiful.

I am honoured to work with you, to learn from you, to be your humble student. I am so grateful for the lessons you give me,

and the awareness and grounding you bring me to. Thank-you mulberry tree for reminding me of the love I’ve always had for you, and the love you’ve always had for me, and the love that we all are, together. Thank-you to that which planted you there, in the first place, too. Thank you to that, which is - the presence.

<3 <3 <3 Originally written July 12, 2019

Photo by: @davidvig

We honour and acknowledge the traditional and contemporary lands and waterways where this work takes place, of the Anishnaabe (Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation), the Haudenosaunee, the Wendat, Métis, and the home of many peoples recorded and unrecorded.  We acknowledge the Dish With One Spoon wampum belt covenant to care for this land. Land that we do not ever own, land that we borrow its use from future generations. 

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